Special purpose machines

for microtechnology and delicate processes

An abundance of machines, workstations, robots and other custom industrial equipment have been developed and successfully integrated in the 30 years of AGFAR history.


To the satisfaction of our customers from divers sectors our equipment works productively day by day in every industrial environment.


We are often asked what our specific area of expertise is. Our answer is clear: Everything that is small and precise, and is not covered by “off the shelf” products. We live for custom developments and micromechanics!


Bellow we present an exemplary overview on industrial custom equipment to enable visualization of your future automat.

Assembly machines

Standard linear assembly cell for units with up to six parts

● Joining, pressing, riveting, flanging, welding
● For watches, medical and electronics components, etc.

● Integration options: Image processing, quality control

Roundtable assembly machine

● For watches, medical and electronic components


Further customer-specific assembly machines

 ● Stone-setting machines for clock jewel bearings

● Automated ball bearing assembly machines

● Cannula assembly

● Anchor stone assembly machine (garnissage ancre)

● Combined assembly and packaging systems

● Assembly machines for the battery industry

Loaders and handling machines

● Loaders for rolling machines

● Pincer loader

● System roue-brucelle

● System 3 roue-brucelle

● Loaders for gear-cutting machines

● Loader for boring centres and rotary machines

● Loaders for die-cutting machines

● Loaders for injection moulding machines

● Loading heads for industrial robots

● Magazining systems

● Palletizing systems

Laser integration

● Laser marking systems

● Laser welding systems

● Laser cutting systems

● Combined laser welding and cutting systems

● Laser drilling systems

Processing machines

● Special lathes

● Special milling machines

● Special grinding machines

● Forming machines for flat and round wires

● Winding machines

● Pre-tinning machines

● Soldering and welding machines

● Indenting machines

● Coating machines

Manual workstations

Assembly stations

● Dosing devices

● Servo presses and their tools

● Resistance soldering and welding stations

● Laser processing stations

● Separators

● Thermal caulking of plastics


Test stations

● Torque measuring stations

● Force/displacement measuring stations

● Electrical contact pin test stations

● Electromechanical test stations

● Clearance measuring and setting stations

● Geometric inspection of components and  


● Burst pressure test machines for batteries


Calibration stations

● Potentiometer linearisation machines

● Straightening machines