Standard Products

AGFAR standard products have been developed from special industrial equipment that is used again and again and is appreciated by our customers.


This range includes:


X-Y Cross tables


AGFAR has developed a high-precision X-Y cross table with very sensitive adjustment. It is made of grey cast iron main bodies with SCHNEEBERGER cross roller guides. The positions are fixed using a sheet metal pincer clamp. This eliminates shift to the set position when fixing. All control elements, i.e. both micrometer screws and the fixing screws, are accessible from one side. This makes it easier to use and allows the construction engineer to achieve engineer a more compact, space-saving structure applications with improved ergonomics. Cross tables can be fixed to the connecting parts using either clamps or pins and screws. Fixing by clamps allows an additional rough adjustment.


The adjustable stroke per axis is 7 mm.


Linear axes NC/CNC


Our design engineers were unable to find small, light, stiff and precise linear axes with a relatively low stroke, and so immediately set about develop their own. These have now been regularly used in our machines for more than 10 years. Based on a sturdy aluminium structure with a cross-section of 60X50 mm, the reliable and stiff SCHNEEBERGER cross roller guides are used as a guide. The 90 mm stroke is operated using a zero backlash ball screw with a pitch of either 2 or 4 mm. Various motors can be installed, but the Maxon-EC40 or Faulhaber 3565 are often used.



NC pick and place module


We have developed a pick and place module in order to transport very small parts from A to B both precisely and at very high speed, for example from a bowl feeder to a processing station. The rotation is executed via a servomotor and a zero backlash gear mechanism. This enables to stop accuratly at multiple positions, for example for inspections, sample removals, reject part ejections or simply to maintenance positions. Depending on the desired precision or speed of the module, different gear mechanisms can be used. The angle position adjustments are software-controlled.

The vertical stroke is realised using a pneumatic precision slide with external mechanical stops. Three positions can be set, due to the clever interaction between a cam and an intermediate stop.

The transport arm itself is fixed to a high-precision anti-collision system, which is able to engage every 90°. This makes it easier to set up the machine and increases safety, both for people and for the machine.

The transport arm can rotate 360°. A second arm can optionally be installed, which makes it possible to transport different parts simultaneously.



Mechanical pick and place module

Since its foundation, AGFAR has dealt in riveting machines and the corresponding conveyors pick and place modules. Hundreds of versions of this mechanical conveyors pick and place modules, as a predecessor to the conveyor NC pick and place modules, can be found all over the world. The rotation and stroke are adjusted using mechanical stops. Using a crank system, an almost sinusoidal sequence of movements can be realised, thus guaranteeing transport that ensures protection of the parts.


This conveyor is used primarily to overhaul older riveting machines.



Assembly machine MKII

As a successor to our legendary 2 part assembly machine, of which many hundreds were produced, we launched the MKII in 2012. It is distinguished above all by its modular design, ease of operation and increased machine safety.


The core of the system, the assembly module, is available as a pneumatic press, servo press, linear axis or as a combination of a pneumatic and linear axis. Also modules for laser-welding, caulking, flanging, clip joining are available.


Using two NC pick and place modules, two different parts are picked from a bowl feeder and are placed under the press tool.


In order to increase ease of operation, the pick and place module stands on a 155mm X-Y cross table with the bowl feeder. This allows the set the place position easy and precisely. To adjust the pick position the bowl feeder stands on a additional 95mm X-Y cross slide.


A touch screen with simple, intuitive operation and the option of managing the widest range of recipes underpins the advanced nature of the pressing machine.


Apropos advanced: Depending on the process, type and quality of the part, cycle times of as low as two seconds can be achieved!


Linear assembly machines


If more than two parts need to be manipulated and/or assembled, other part feeding and manipulation technologies are used, or the flexibility of the machine is to be massively increased, we recommend our linear machines.

The linear machines are available as one-arm or two-arm versions. The machines are based on high-precision linear motor axes, which we combine to create a 3-axis (one-armed version) or 6-axis (two-arm version) cartesian robotics system.





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